Wan Bowls for Soup with Lids (5 pieces, Set) - Ume Tree. Exclusively on KiGinKin - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Kawakami Shippōdō
Wan Bowls for Soup with Lids (5 pieces, Set) - Ume Tree. Exclusively on KiGinKin - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Kawakami Shippōdō

Wan Bowls for Soup with Lids (5 pieces, Set) - Ume Tree. Exclusively on KiGinKin

Regular price ¥220,000

Set of 5 bowls for soup, hand-painted - Lacquered wood

KiGinKin limited stock 1 Set
Techniques Shikki Ware
Materials Wood, Urushi
Size in mm (width, height, depth) 130 x 95 x 130 (each)
Weight in grams 775 (total)

This product is not available for single-piece purchases.
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Designed and made in Japan.

Product description
A set of soup bowls that you can find literally nowhere else: the artisan behind them took care of each stage of the manufacturing process, from carving to painting and lacquering, making them different from any other set that will ever be made.
This set features flowers and branches of the ume tree (Japanese plum tree). They represent wishes for an always brighter future, and are often featured on gifts for this reason.
This set includes 5 fully handmade bowls with lids.

Instructions for use
This type of bowls is designed for lighter soups, mostly suimono and ozōni soups. Although they may also be used for miso soup, their outstanding looks cause this type of bowls to be preferred for special occasions, such as on New Year and when especially important guests are visiting.
These bowls are not meant to be used for white rice.
Read our article on Japanese tableware to understand more.


Hand-wash with non-abrasive detergent and a soft sponge. Wipe and let dry after use.
Keep in a cool place.

• This product is fully hand made: differences between pieces may occur.
• Refrain from pouring in liquids and oils at temperatures of 100°C (212°F) and above.
• Do not leave immersed in water or other liquids for long times.
• Keep away from heat sources.
• Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may damage the product or parts of it.
• Do not dishwash.
• Do not microwave.

• These bowls are one of a kind. Our research did not bring up any other pieces, and they may be the last ones existing. They are designed for food use; however, such products are often bought as collectibles.
• This product may not be returned. Please read our return policy to know more, and contact us if we may assist you before you decide.
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FAQ for the Ume Tree Set of 5 Wan Bowls for Soup with Lids.

A: Can I buy only one?
Q: As per traditions, this kind of item may only be sold as a set of 5 pieces. However, if you are interested in only one piece, please contact us and we will discuss your request with the supplier.

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