Hand-painted Ceramic Tea cups (2-piece set) - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Sione
Hand-painted Ceramic Tea cups (2-piece set) - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Sione
Hand-painted Ceramic Tea cups (2-piece set) - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Sione
Hand-painted Ceramic Tea cups (2-piece set) - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Sione

Hand-painted Ceramic Tea cups (2-piece set)

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Set of 2 hand-painted cups in fine ceramic, with gold glaze.

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Techniques Jiki (Japanese pottery)
Materials Earthenware
Size [mm] (width, height, depth) 90 x 75 x 90 (each)
Weight [g] 700 (total)
For sale until November 30, 2021
Manufacturing time: 7 days.
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Designed and made in Kyoto (Japan).

Product description
Set of 2 beautiful hand-painted cups in perfectly white clay, designed by Kyoto-based artist SHOWKO.
The set includes 2 cups: Hana, made precious by the painting of a flower, and Kōri, featuring a pattern inspired by the simple beauty of ice. The inner of Kōri is coated with real gold glaze, adding to the beauty of this piece of art to enjoy daily.
A very Japanese feel, without the easily-recognized features of traditional Japanese pottery.
The cups will come in their Sione-branded box.

This set looks great with Sione's Moon plates set. A good chance to take advantage of the discount we offer whenever you purchase two or more products on KiGinKin. Please read further here.

Instructions for use

Perfect for Japanese tea, these cups may also be used for soup, smaller portions of yogurt, or coffee.

Wash immediately after use, and wipe with a soft dry cloth.

• This product is hand painted: differences between pieces may occur.
• Wash thoroughly before the first use, with a non-abrasive detergent and a soft sponge. Wipe with a soft dry cloth.
• Do not dishwash.
• Do not microwave.
• Do not leave immersed in water or other liquids for long times.

• This product may not be returned. Items that you receive broken will be reimbursed. Please read our return policy to know more.
• This product unlocks a discount on the purchase of Moon Plates Set.
SHOWKO is the artist behind the Sione brand, based in Kyoto. She comes from a family of potters, and personally curates the Sione brand.
Limited customization available for this item.
- A short message or a name may be painted in addition to the existing design.

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