Silk Necktie in Kyoto Weaving Style - Blue [MN] - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Nekado
Silk Necktie in Kyoto Weaving Style - Blue [MN] - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Nekado
Silk Necktie in Kyoto Weaving Style - Blue [MN] - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Nekado
Silk Necktie in Kyoto Weaving Style - Blue [MN] - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Nekado

Silk Necktie in Kyoto Weaving Style - Blue [MN]

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Necktie in 100% silk, woven using the Kyoto-born Nishijin ori style
KiGinKin limited stock 3
Techniques Nishijin ori
Materials Silk
Size in mm (length, width) 1430 x 85
Weight in grams 50

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Designed and made in Japan.

Product description
Characterized by unique designs by artist Hisakazu Suzuki, these neckties feature the Japanese feel you are looking for, while perfectly blending in with a contemporary suit.
Despite being made in Kyoto using a traditional technique called Nishijin ori, this item will fit in perfectly with your regular suit thanks to its universal, nature-inspired designs: water, wind and the moon.
The product comes in an especially designed wooden box, called kiribako.

The design, in the artist’s words
Water:It is the source of life. For this design, I wanted to represent clear, beautiful water moved by the wind above.” As Suzuki explains, he was inspired by the way water is used as a metaphor in Taoism, representing the way we should live our lives: free, unconstrained, ever flowing and ever changing, in harmony with nature.
Wind:Among the natural phenomena, the wind has a special place. It’s something that we can feel, without ever seeing it.
We ought to ride a fresh wind, move on along with it and gain a new strength. That’s what I want to inspire through this design. (I called it)
“Munakaze”, the wind of your heart.” (In Japanese “mune” or “muna” literally means “chest”, and it is often used as a metaphor for feelings, the same way the word “heart” is used in several Western languages. In this case, the name was inspired by the fact that the chest is also where the necktie lays.)
The Moon:Every Japanese loves the Moon. The history and culture of the Japanese have grown along with the Moon, and they’re deeply connected to it”. Suzuki explains that, out of many examples of phrases that include the word “moon” in Japanese, there is one even for spiritual awakening or enlightenment: ‘shingetsu’, the moon of the heart. “I wanted to express all this through the product, in the hope that whoever wears it will feel the Moon the same way we do.

Instructions for use
No specific customs are related to this product.

• This necktie is made in silk. Please handle with the usual care to be reserved to silk fabric.
• Dry cleaning only
• Do not bleach

Due to the nature of Nishijin ori weaving style, the fabric used for this item sports characteristics that may appear unusual to the Western eye.
• It is slightly more stiff than other fabrics made in silk. Dry cleaning is recommended before first use, to remove wrinkles that result from packaging and shipping.
• It has a suede-like glowing texture, which changes significantly according to the lighting. This results in the darker-looking color along the edges you may notice in some of the images.
• Thin, darker lines appear in some spots. Although the item is cut to keep such lines out of sight when worn, in some cases they may appear on the front. This is, in fact, recognized as a typical Nishijin ori feature in Japan. However, if you are concerned, please inform us before placing your order, and we will consult the manufacturer.

• This product may not be returned. Items that you receive damaged will be reimbursed. Please read our return policy to know more.
• The kiribako box is traditionally made with very thin wood, and it is only intended for protection during shipping and storing. We will take the utmost care when placing the kiribako box inside the shipping box; however, due to the delicate nature of a kiribako, it may crack before it reaches you. Please be aware that this is not considered a defect, and it won't result in a refund as long as the item itself is undamaged.
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