Shoulder Bag - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Matsew
Shoulder Bag - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Matsew
Shoulder Bag - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Matsew
Shoulder Bag - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Matsew
Shoulder Bag - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Matsew
Shoulder Bag - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Matsew
Shoulder Bag - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Matsew
Shoulder Bag - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Matsew
Shoulder Bag - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Matsew

Shoulder Bag

Regular price ¥72,000

Unisex shoulder bag and hand bag. Genuine leather, fully hand-made in Kyoto [CT]

KiGinKin limited stock 5
Materials Bag: Genuine leather
Lining: CORDURA® fabric
Size in mm (width, depth, height) 360 x 170 x 180  (240 with soft handle)
Weight in grams 680
For sale until November 30, 2021
Manufacturing time: 60 days
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Designed and made in Japan.

Product description
Fully hand-made leather bag made in Kyoto by leather craftsman Satoshi Matsukawa. Soft feel and vintage looks, with a semi-long handle that allows use as both a shoulder bag or a hand bag.
Each part of the bag is cut and sewn by hand by the craftsman, using leather made in Italy. Dyed only using vegetable tannins, featuring metal parts in copper.
It features a main internal compartment and 2 additional internal pockets (1 slip pocket, 1 with zipper), with the authenticity logo discreetly placed on the inner pocket.
Lining made in CORDURA® fabric with ripstop.
Available in a wide range of colors, each single bag is made on order.

Instructions for use
No specific customs are related to this product.



Use a soft brush or cloth specific for leather to remove dust and clean outer surfaces.
To remove stains, delicately rub the area with a moistened soft cloth.
After contact with liquids of any kind, carefully tap with absorbing cloth and let dry naturally.
Regular leather-care products may be used for periodic maintenance.

• The materials used for this product are fully handmade. Colors and size may be slightly different from the picture, although differences are negligible.
• Do not bleach.
• Do not wash at home. Consult your dry cleaning service.
• Do not immerse in water.
• Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may damage the product or parts of it.
• The bag is made using all-natural materials and processes. Storing it in a place with high humidity may result in a change in color or texture, or in molding.

The item in these pictures is the sample that is displayed at the store. These products are made on order, and you will receive a fully custom-made bag in your desired color.
Matsew is the brand owned by leather craftsman Satoshi Matsukawa. The craftsman only manufactures bags for which he receives orders in person, collaborating with KiGinKin for a limited number of orders. Based near Shijo-Omiya, in Kyoto.
Limited customization available for Matsew's Shoulder Bag.
- Color: The color of lining may be changed.

Please contact us to request customization.
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