Serving Chopsticks - Lacquered Wood (Exclusively on KiGinKin) - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Kawakami Shippōdō
Serving Chopsticks - Lacquered Wood (Exclusively on KiGinKin) - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Kawakami Shippōdō

Serving Chopsticks - Lacquered Wood (Exclusively on KiGinKin)

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Serving chopsticks, fully hand-made.

KiGinKin limited stock 1 Pair
Techniques Shikki Ware
Materials Wood, Urushi
Size in mm 310 (length)
Weight in grams 100 (including original box)

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Designed and made in Japan.

Product description
An extra touch of uniqueness to your exotic table with serving chopsticks (saibashi) that are hand made and hand painted in Japan.
These serving chopsticks are sure to stun with their uncompareable looks and feel. Even when your guests are Japanese, you say? Especially then!
They come in their original box.

Instructions for use
These chopsticks are to be used according to Japanese serving customs: the main dish is placed at the center of the table, and each diner will use this kind of chopsticks to serve themselves or others with single portions into their personal serving dish, such as a torizara. Please see the article about Japanese tableware to know more.
They may also be used to prepare nabe (hotpot), which is directly cooked on the table where food will be served.
Hand-wash with non-abrasive detergent and a soft sponge. Wipe and let dry after use.
Keep in a cool place.

• This product is fully hand made: differences between pieces may occur.
• Do not use to cook deep-fried food such as Tempura or Kara-age: the overly high temperature will damage the chopsticks.
• Do not leave immersed in water or other liquids for long times.
• Keep away from heat sources when not in use.
• Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may damage the product or parts of it.
• Do not dishwash.
• Do not microwave.

• These chopsticks are one of a kind. Our research did not bring up any other pieces, and they are likely to be the last piece existing.
• They are designed for food use; however, such products are sometimes bought as collectibles.
• Their box, being their original, looks a bit dated.
• This product may not be returned. Please read our return policy to know more, and contact us if we may assist you before you decide.
Sorry, no customization available for the Serving Chopsticks in Lacquered Wood.

FAQ for the Serving Chopsticks in Lacquered Wood.

Q: Are these for cooking?
A: They may be used to cook specific dishes, such as shabu shabu or nabe. We do not recommend to use them for frying, sautéing or deep-frying food. Please check this page (scroll down, chopsticks are almost the one before last entry) to know more about different types of chopsticks.

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