Reversi Board Game - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Teyney
Reversi Board Game - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Teyney
Reversi Board Game - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Teyney

Reversi Board Game

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The classic Reversi board game, made with top-quality materials and a charming design.

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Techniques Precision metalworks, carving
Materials Brass, aluminum, maple wood
Size in mm (width, height, depth) 200 x 45 x 200
Weight in grams 1400

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Designed and made in Japan.

Product description
Reversi, widely played in Japan in its Othello rule-set, is a classic 2-player table game where you try to conquer the other player’s pawns by surrounding them and changing their color to your own. The two colors, traditionally black and white, are here revisited and substituted by the natural colors of solid brass and aluminium. The two metal plates used for each piece are manufactured with extreme precision and assembled with high accuracy, resulting in smooth, beautiful tiny objects to hold in your hand during the game. Yet another reason to enjoy turning the other player’s pawns over!
The draughtboard is made in wonderfully carved maple wood. The shape keeps the smooth pawns in place during the game, while also enhancing each player’s experience by bringing the gaming board to life. Its design, recalling ocean wavelets, is at the origin of the Japanese name of this product, “Sazanami” (meaning “wavelet”)

Instructions for use
Each Reversi pawn, called "disk" or "disc", has a brighter side (aluminium) and a darker side (brass). Each player chooses one of the two sides and places disks on the board in turn. When you flank the opponent's disks with yours, you can flip them so that your color is shown at the top.
(In-detail instructions are included in the product package. Rule-set variations are widely available online.)

kiginkin teyney reversi game
kiginkin teyney reversi game
kiginkin teyney reversi game
kiginkin teyney reversi game
The visual properties of brass change with use and time. Oxidation is a major factor in such change, which in Japan it is usually seen as part of the beauty of a brass object. If you would like to avoid the looks resulting from the natural process of brass aging, please use brass-specific products to clean the pawns. However, please note that the application of a cleaner to any scratched areas may cause abrasion; apply the metal cleaner with care.

• Keep away from heat and open flames.
• Do not store outdoors or in a highly humid environment, such as a bathroom.
• Extended exposure to direct sunlight may change the product colors and properties.
• Strong impacts may damage the products or parts of it.

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