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Reproduction of Tomioka Tessai's Hanging Scroll with Rising Dragon

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High-detail reproduction of the traditional hanging scroll painting made by Tomioka Tessai titled "Dragon Rising To Heaven". Comes with a scroll mount.

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Techniques Collotype Printing
Materials Japanese paper (washi)
Size in mm Main painting: 304 (w) x 1320 (h)
Scroll mount: 480 (w) x 2008 (h)
Weight in grams 1105
For sale until November 30, 2021
Manufacturing time: 30 days
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Made in Kyoto.

Product description
Just like the original, this print is sure to bring that authentic, incredible Japanese touch to any wall it is hung onto.
A high-detail collotype print of the original hanging scroll painting made by Tomioka Tessai in his last years. The original painting is now lodged in the Kiyoshikōjin Seichō-ji, a historical temple in the Hyōgo prefecture.
The reproduction, featuring the same colors as the original, has discreet tones that are sure to fit into any type of furniture and interior design.
Thanks to the extremely detailed quality allowed by collotype printing, this reproduction will leave your guests wondering whether this is not an actual painting. Please visit the page dedicated to collotype in our Knowledge Base.
The print comes with a scroll mount, also made in a high-strength type of washi paper made in Kyoto, called Kyō-hyogu.
Comes in its original box.

Instructions for use
This type of scroll is usually hung for a limited period of time in a designated empty space in a traditional Japanese house, called "tokonoma". This space is designed to lodge a very limited number of pieces of art at the same time, often only one or two, made to enjoy emptiness. Such art may include paintings like this one, or a vase displaying ikebana (flower arrangement), and is substituted by other scrolls or pieces of art fairly frequently, often at the change of season.
In more modern houses, where the tokonoma is missing, this type of art may be hung on any wall. In most cases, there are no other objects accompanying the scroll, allowing you and your guests to enjoy the quiet minimalism of a Japanese traditional painting ("nihonga").
Keep inside their original box when not in use.

• This product is made of paper and paperboard. Please handle with all the precautions advisable for paper items.
• Do not leave in direct sunlight for long times.

• This product will be made on order and may not be returned. Please read our return policy to know more, and contact us if we may assist you before you decide.
Benrido is a printing company based in Kyoto. They specialize in high-quality prints and collotype printing, a technique that allows extreme accuracy, and are often given the task to print reproductions of national treasures
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