Leather And Silk Bag - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Nekado
Leather And Silk Bag - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Nekado
Leather And Silk Bag - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Nekado
Leather And Silk Bag - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Nekado
Leather And Silk Bag - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Nekado
Leather And Silk Bag - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Nekado
Leather And Silk Bag - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Nekado

Leather And Silk Bag

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Leather bag with 100% silk front panel, woven in the Nishijin ori style

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Techniques Nishijin ori
Materials Leather, silk
Size in mm (width, height, depth) 400 x 300 x 90
Weight in grams 950


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The marriage of excellence and fashion: a unique bag made in genuine leather, featuring two pure silk front panels, woven in characteristic Kyoto style Nishijin ori.
The top quality of the materials meets the creativity of Nekado and artist Hisakazu Suzuki, in a two-color leather bag (black on one side, white on the other), enriched by a pattern inspired by water on the front panels.

Panels design
The front panels, born from the mind of artist Hisakazu Suzuki, feature a design inspired by moving water. The panel on the white-leather side features a black and grey background on which the pattern is woven, while the panel on the black-leather side sees the pattern on a pitch-black background.
The design featured on the panels is titled "Water". In the designer's words, “water is the source of life. For this product, I wanted to represent clear, beautiful water moved by the wind above.” The final design was then inspired by the way water is used as a metaphor in Taoism, representing the way we should live our lives: free, uncontained, ever flowing and ever changing in harmony with nature.

The bag features a total of 5 pockets, all virtually unnoticeable when not in use: 2 side pockets (1 small, 1 large) and 3 inner pockets (1 zipper and 2 slip pockets).

This bag is made in silk and genuine leather. Please handle with care.
• Do not bleach
• Do not apply leather-specific cleaning products on the silk panel, and vice versa.

Due to the nature of Nishijin ori weaving style, the fabric used for the front panels sports characteristics that may appear unusual to the Western eye.
• It is slightly more stiff than other fabrics made in silk.
• It has a suede-like glowing texture, which changes significantly according to lighting.
• Thin, darker lines appear in some spots. This is, in fact, recognized as a typical Nishijin ori weaving feature in Japan, inevitable when larger pieces of fabric are used, such as in this case.

• This product may not be returned. Items that you receive damaged will be reimbursed. Please read our return policy to know more.

Limited customization available for this product:
The front panel ("Water" in the pictures) may be substituted by the designs shown on the neckties ("Moon" and "Wind"), although on black and grey backgrounds.

The images you find below are indicative of the colors of "Moon" (left) and "Wind" (right).
Please contact us to request better sample pictures.

kiginkin nekado leather silk bag black white  kiginkin nekado leather silk bag black white

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