Half-Geta (Japanese Footgear) [W] - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Sikasika
Half-Geta (Japanese Footgear) [W] - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Sikasika
Half-Geta (Japanese Footgear) [W] - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Sikasika
Half-Geta (Japanese Footgear) [W] - KiGinKin |ᴷ| Sikasika

Half-Geta (Japanese Footgear) [W]

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Pair of semi-traditional Japanese footgear.

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Techniques -
Materials Paulonia wood, silk (thong)
Size in mm (width, height, depth) (M) 140 x 38 x 120
(L) 140 x 38 x 134
Weight in grams (M) 150
(L) 180
For sale until November 30, 2021
Manufacturing time: 90 days
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This product does not require additional items to be used.

Product description
Starting from its name, "toriashi geta" ("bird-leg geta"), this is an incredible item that balances traditions and originality, blending two different types of footgear: geta and ashinaka.
The design, similar to that of the famous wooden geta, ensures a warm feel at your feet, also bringing to you the peculiar sound of wooden footgear that we all love. At the same time, the unique use for "ashinaka" (outdoor-use, half-length footgear, traditionally made using vegetable fibers) brings a touch of alternative comfort by causing the wearer to lift their talons at all time. This act, which is traditionally aimed at resulting in a more straightened elegant posture, also has positive effects on health, improving circulation and muscle use.
To be worn with or without the traditional legwear (tabi, sold separately), they bring an extra touch of fashion to health-conscious individuals who also want that Japanese touch in their outfit.

Instructions for use
For outdoor use.
This type of footwear is designed to support only the front half of the wearer's foot, hence the short size (14 cm, about 5.5 in). When in use, the wearer should keep their talons raised. This forces a more correct posture when standing up, also increasing blood circulation.
According to the first recorded use of ashinaka, the particular length makes walking easier and lighter, which is the reason why it was often worn by merchants, samurais and travelers.
As armors and traditional travelers clothes are not worn anymore, this type of footwear may be worn with any desired outfit. Toriashi geta is sure to look great on denim, cotton and other casual clothing. It is now also worn with traditional Japanese clothes (kimono, yukata or samue), although more conservative individuals might see that as unorthodox, therefore wrong. Younger Japanese people, however, do not care much about strict rules, and it is not rare to see ashinaka footwear paired with traditional clothing.
Despite being made by craftsmen using traditional techniques, this product is not a traditional object. Instead, it can be easily recognized as a modern way to bring together two different items.



Wipe with a moisturized cloth and let dry naturally in a ventilated area.
Wax for wood and other wood-specific products may be used.

• This is not a regular type of footgear. Please make sure you view the size before purchase.
• Do not bleach.
• Do not immerse in water.
• The product is fully hand made by craftsmen. Minor differences occur between pieces.
• Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may damage the product or parts of it.

Tabi (socks-like legwear) may be included in the shipping on demand. Please contact us to get an estimate based on your requirements.
• This product may not be returned. Please read our return policy to know more, or contact us if we may assist you before you decide.
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Tabi (socks-like legwear) may be included in the shipping on demand. Please contact us to get an estimate based on your requirements (size, materials, colors...)

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