Bamboo Lamp Shade, Fully Handmade - KiGinKin |ᴷ| T.BAMBUS
Bamboo Lamp Shade, Fully Handmade - KiGinKin |ᴷ| T.BAMBUS
Bamboo Lamp Shade, Fully Handmade - KiGinKin |ᴷ| T.BAMBUS
Bamboo Lamp Shade, Fully Handmade - KiGinKin |ᴷ| T.BAMBUS
Bamboo Lamp Shade, Fully Handmade - KiGinKin |ᴷ| T.BAMBUS
Bamboo Lamp Shade, Fully Handmade - KiGinKin |ᴷ| T.BAMBUS
Bamboo Lamp Shade, Fully Handmade - KiGinKin |ᴷ| T.BAMBUS
Bamboo Lamp Shade, Fully Handmade - KiGinKin |ᴷ| T.BAMBUS

Bamboo Lamp Shade, Fully Handmade

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A mesmerizing lampshade, handmade in Japan. Made from a solid piece of bamboo stem.

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Techniques Bamboo cutting and drilling
Materials   Lamp shade  
Bamboo, Washi paper lining

  Socket stand  
Wood (cypress or cedar)
Size [mm] (width, depth, height)
123 x 115 x 343
Weight [g]
Sometimes, all you need after a hectic day is to sit and enjoy the view of your home. To lie on your couch, surrounded by familiar walls and sounds, the scent you choose for the evening...
We all need a comfort zone at times.
That's what we call home.

Now, what if you could add a bit of magic to that, in just one click?
For sale until November 30, 2021
Manufacturing time: 60 days
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Designed and made in Japan.
The product includes the main lampshade and the wooden lamp stand. Due to legal shipping limitations, the electric unit you see in the images (cord, plug and socket) is not included. The light bulb will be included upon request, at no additional cost.

Product description
Create an enchanting atmosphere anywhere.
This magical lampshade, made from a single bamboo stem (the 'trunk'), is a humbly beautiful interior design object during the day, and turns into the source of mesmerizing rays of light when lit in the dark. The incredible design on the front side comes to life when the lamp is on, revealing a fascinating pattern with a strong three-dimensional feel.
Simply place it wherever you need a break from your busy days, to immediately jump into a world of beauty and simplicity.

The artisan also creates a number of different lampshades with stunning patterns. Please check examples below, and feel free to contact us is you would like to order a design you see here or any custom design you desire.

Instructions for use
• Place a simple cordless lamp (max 55x55 mm or 2.1" in diameter) onto the wooden lamp stand included, to turn it into a new magical object.
If you would like to use this lampshade without the lamp stand, the maximum size of the lamp is 110x100mm (4.3x3.9 in).
• LED lamps are highly recommended due to the low heat emitted.
• No specific customs are related to this product: it is to be enjoyed where, when and how you prefer.

KiGinKin - T Bambus Lampshade Details KiGinKin - T Bambus Lampshade Washi KiGinKin - T Bambus Lampshade Details Top KiGinKin - T Bambus Lampshade Details Lamp Stand Side KiGinKin - T Bambus Lampshade Details Lamp Stand

And here are some examples of the artisan's incredible style.

KiGinKin - T Bambus Lampshades KiGinKin - T Bambus Lampshades KiGinKin - T Bambus Lampshades KiGinKin - T Bambus Lampshades

Wipe with a soft cloth to remove dust from the outer side.
Use a handheld vacuum cleaner at low power to remove dust from the smaller parts.
Clean regularly to ensure a long product lifespan.
Do not force in cloth or other objects, as this might cause breakage or distortion.

This item does not include the electric unit (cord, plug and socket.) The wooden stand is included.
• Do not wash.
• Keep away from fire, heat, or direct sunlight.
• Avoid prolonged use in places with a high humidity, such as a bathroom.

• The maximum size of the light socket that may fit onto the wooden stand is 55mm (2.1 in) in diameter. In case of a cordless light placed without the wooden stand, the maximum size of the lamp is 110x100mm (4.3x3.9 in). Please contact our product manager if you would like to receive directions before you make a purchase.
• Conditions apply to return this product. Please read our return policy to know more, and contact us if we may assist you before you decide.

KiGinKin - T. BAMBUS exhibition

This item, part of the T.BAMBUS brand, is handmade by Fukuoka-based bamboo artist Toshiki Tanaka. The artisan designs original lamp shades and other objects to let the light he envisions come to life. His works are characterized by a three-dimensional effect, obtained through the extremely careful design. Hole sizes and positions play a crucial role in this.

Relying on the simple idea of letting the light through the small holes in the bamboo stem, the artisan obtains a wide range of different designs, creating peculiar effects of shade and light even within the pattern itself. Each item is unique due to the techniques used at every stage of its creation. Since each bamboo stem has a different shape and size, the design is sometimes drawn directly on the stem. T.BAMBUS' excellence lies in the artist's ability to adapt the original design to ensure that the magical effect will be created in harmony with that stem's unique features.

T.BAMBUS works were presented in the annual Minna No Souka festival (aka Lightening Up Festival), as well as several events that are held at night, such as the well-known Tanabata Festival.

Drilling, cutting, scrapping, carving... the artisanship of Toshiki Tanaka knows virtually no limits. The artist is also open to the creation of custom designs based on a client's desires. Please contact us if you would like to request a lamp shade featuring your original ideas.

Although the item you see in the pictures is a unique piece, complete and sold as is, the artisan accepts requests for custom-made lampshades.

Size, shape and the whole design can be adapted to most requests, and the artisan's high skills are sure to meet or exceed your expectations. Contact us to request your own lampshade.

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