Details, use & additional images

Designed and made in Japan.
This set does not require additional items to be used.

Product description
- Diffuser
As pleasant as a fragrance pot, as natural as diffuser sticks. Made using a technique called kumiko, this wooden diffuser object is a creative and elegant alternative to release your favorite fragrance oil in your home, while keeping the Japanese feel as real. Assembled by experienced artisans from J Wood, guaranteeing that it is fully hand made with the utmost care.
The pattern used for the diffuser is called "niju asanoha".

- Stand
Made in ceramic, it comes in delicate colors (green, pink, or white).

- Fragrance
Made from blended oils, the three fragrances available are soft and delicate, making this the perfect set to create a calming atmosphere and relax while enjoying some good time at home.

Instructions for use
Add a few drops of fragrance oil directly onto any outer side of the wooden frame. On average, 2–3 drops will diffuse scent for 2–3 days. Use a different side to apply a different scent: this will allow the use of up to six different fragrances.

japanese wooden diffuser kumiko and blue fragrance bottle on wooden tablekiginkin