Details, use & additional images

Designed and made in Japan.

Product description
Japanese washi paper to welcome your tired feet after long days, or on your comfort time at home.
Slippers made in a patented type of reinforced, rip-resisting Japanese paper called Naoron®, obtained through the addition of plastic fibers to the wood pulp traditionally used to make Japanese paper. Among its unique properties, Naoron is higly resistant to water and does not fear humidity.
Each pair comes with its bag, also made in washi paper, to take your slippers with you on your trips.
Characterized by a very light weight and unique materials, which make them particularly silent and discreet compared to other slippers.
The best solution to adopt the classic Japanese custom of taking off your shoes at home to the Western etiquette, and to welcome guests with a touch originality compared to grandma's slip-ons. (Which do look fancy, by the way. Grandmas rock.)
The set includes 2 pairs in the same color.

Instructions for use
In Japan, this kind of slippers is worn at home during cold months, but never outdoors. They are sometimes paired with warm socks to ensure maximum comfort.
This specific type is not usually worn in a bathroom or toilet: you will often find a separate pair of slippers for such use, usually made in some type of rubber, solid plastic or plastic fiber.