Care & Notes

For periodic cleaning: wipe the fabric with a soft cloth lightly moistened with lukewarm water. Let dry naturally.
For deep cleaning: Fill a wash bowl with room temperature water with neutral detergent. Immerse the product and gently hand wash. Rinse the product with water until all detergent is removed (usually one or two times.) Do not squeeze. Absorb excessive water with a towel and let dry naturally, out of direct sunlight.
Soft and Hard Naoron® are designed to allow short bleaching.

• Do not use for loads of 10 Kg and above.
• Do not allow to soak in water or in any solution for long times.
• Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may damage the product or parts of it.

Soft naron® and Hard naoron® are two types of Japanese paper manufactured by Onao in the Yamanashi prefecture. The material is made from a mixture of wood pulp and polyolefin fibers (Soft Naoron) or entirely from polyester fibers (Hard Naoron), 60% of which is obtained from recycled bottles. The product obtained is then turned into Naoron using the traditional Japanese paper manufacturing techniques.
This product may not be returned. Please read our return policy to know more, and contact us if we may assist you before you decide.