Details, use & additional images

Designed and made in Japan.

Product description
A set of soup bowls that you can find literally nowhere else: the artisan behind them took care of each stage of the manufacturing process, from carving to painting and lacquering, making them different from any other set that will ever be made.
Bowls and lids are painted in a rich red and feature four kanji characters that may translate to "A long, happy and honorable life", conveying good wishes. Because of this meaning, this kind of objects are often thought of as presents.
This set includes 5 fully hand-made bowls with lids.

Instructions for use
This type of bowls is designed for lighter soups, mostly suimono and ozōni soups. Although they may also be used for miso soup, their outstanding looks cause this type of bowls to be preferred for special occasions, such as on New Year and when especially important guests are visiting.
These bowls are not meant to be used for white rice.
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