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FAQ for the Set of 5 Striped Wan Bowls for Soup with Lids

A: Are the stripes just a "target" design?
No. All the stripes are in different sizes, avoiding the "target looks" you are probably referring to. The different-sized concentric circles seem to represent the several stages a person's heart must go through before finding their own balance and peace of mind, sometimes called "a center" in Buddhist philosophies. This effect is further highlighted by the central red circle. Note: Due to technical problems, we have lost the images we had taken from the top, which clearly showed the effect. If you are interested in this item, please contact us and we will provide you a new image.

A: Can I buy only one?
Q: As per traditions, this kind of item may only be sold as a set of 5 pieces. However, if you are interested in only one piece, please contact us and we will discuss your request with the supplier.

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