About the Manufacturer

KiGinKin - T. BAMBUS exhibition

This item, part of the T.BAMBUS brand, is handmade by Fukuoka-based bamboo artist Toshiki Tanaka. The artisan designs original lamp shades and other objects to let the light he envisions come to life. His works are characterized by a three-dimensional effect, obtained through the extremely careful design. Hole sizes and positions play a crucial role in this.

Relying on the simple idea of letting the light through the small holes in the bamboo stem, the artisan obtains a wide range of different designs, creating peculiar effects of shade and light even within the pattern itself. Each item is unique due to the techniques used at every stage of its creation. Since each bamboo stem has a different shape and size, the design is sometimes drawn directly on the stem. T.BAMBUS' excellence lies in the artist's ability to adapt the original design to ensure that the magical effect will be created in harmony with that stem's unique features.

T.BAMBUS works were presented in the annual Minna No Souka festival (aka Lightening Up Festival), as well as several events that are held at night, such as the well-known Tanabata Festival.

Drilling, cutting, scrapping, carving... the artisanship of Toshiki Tanaka knows virtually no limits. The artist is also open to the creation of custom designs based on a client's desires. Please contact us if you would like to request a lamp shade featuring your original ideas.