Details, use & additional images

Designed and made in Kyoto (Japan).

Product description
Hand-made sake set, including 1 flask (tokuri) and 1 cup (guinomi).
The peculiar light-blue color is the result of Naoto Suzuki's unique glaze, made mixing materials and with a total of four kiln firings. The potter and artist will manually apply each layer of glaze then fire the items. The result is a multi-layered color, with several tones of light blue appearing over one another. The final effect sports a beautiful balance between raw looks and fine shapes.
Since each glazing and firing is an irreplicable process run by hand, there is not one piece that will look the same as another.

Designed and made by Kyoto-based potter and artist Naoto Suzuki (Kyoto), 4th generation potter of Kyo-yaki.
A subtle Japanese feel, with a unique universal twist of fine artisanship.

The items come in especially designed, Kyoto-made wooden boxes, called kiribako.

Instructions for use
Pour your favorite sake in the flask and heat it up in hot water to make hot sake (see our article about Japanese sake to know more), or serve at room temperature.
Serve directly from the flask into the cup and enjoy.

The items in this set are also available separately.