Details, use & additional images

Designed and made in Japan.

Product description
Shawl made in pure Japanese silk. The product is hand-made, both the fabric and the paintings, made in Kyoto using the yūzen dyeing technique. It features flying cranes and the traditional mist pattern, hand-painted using pure gold leaf made in Kyoto. The base color of the outer is pitch black, and the inner is in a rich red.
This specific product was designed choosing colors and a painting style that are adaptable to any type of formal or semi-formal Western clothing, such as an evening dress or a women's suite, with the purpose of making it the perfect choice for special occasions that require beauty to accompany discreet elegance.

Instructions for use
This shawl is made in Kyoto, inspired by the traditional shawl designed for kimono. It is now worn to accompany Western clothing as well.