Details, use and additional images

Designed and made in Japan.

Product description
Looking for a versatile tea set to accompany your regular tea time, as well as your Japanese tea experience? This might well be exactly what you need.
A beautiful tea set comprising of 1 teapot and 4 cups, all made in fine ceramics and hand painted by Kyoto-based artist Showko.
With the less-known Japanese traditional Sencha tea ceremony in mind, where sencha tea is poured from a common pot into individual cups, this set expresses the perfect harmony between Western lifestyle and Japanese traditions.
Choose the tea and style following your mood or your guest’s preferences, without giving up your usual set.

Instructions for use
This type of set is often used for the Sencha tea ceremony in Japan. However, thanks to the design of the pot, it may be used for any type of tea leaves or tea bags regularly available anywhere in the world.
Place your favorite tea leaves or tea bags directly into the pot, and follow instructions for a perfect brew.

Take a look at the sencha tea ceremony in the video below (unrelated to KiGinKin.)