Care & Notes

Wash immediately after use, and wipe with a soft dry cloth.

• This product is hand made: differences between pieces may occur.
• Wash before the first use, with a non-abrasive detergent and a soft sponge. Wipe with a soft dry cloth.
• Do not dishwash.
• Do not microwave.
• Do not leave immersed in water or other liquids for long times.

• This product may not be returned. Items that you receive broken will be reimbursed. Please read our return policy to know more.
• The set does not include the tea scoop, the chabako (tea basket) and the tray, all of which are traditionally used when having a sencha tea ceremony (see video above, in Details, Use and Additional Pictures). Please contact us if you would like to have those included, and we will prepare an estimate based on your requirements on materials, techniques and more.