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Designed and made in Japan.

Product description
Looking for a versatile tea cup to accompany your regular tea time, as well as your Japanese tea experience? This might well be exactly what you need.
A beautiful tea cup made in fine ceramics and hand painted by Kyoto-based artist Showko.
With the less-known Japanese traditional Sencha tea ceremony in mind, where sencha tea is poured from a common pot into individual cups, this sakura-inspired cup expresses the perfect harmony between Western lifestyle and Japanese traditions.
This item comes in a dedicated cardboard box.
Choose the tea and style following your mood or your guest’s preferences, without giving up your usual set.
This item comes in a dedicated cardboard box.
The cup is also available, and looks the best, as part of a Sencha Ceremony Set including 4 matching cups and 1 tea pot sporting a matching design.
The purchase of more pieces of this item will result in a discount. Please contact us to receive a detailed estimate.

Instructions for use
The design of this cup is perfect for the Japanese sencha tea ceremony, and is likely to be immediately recognized as such by a Japanese person. With this in mind, its small size may also be ideal for serving green tea (especially ryokucha or shincha) or, why not, espresso or mocha coffee.

Take a look at the sencha tea ceremony in the video below (unrelated to KiGinKin.)