Traditionally modern

A family-run Bizen yaki kiln in Okayama, crafting fashionable goods in a thousand-year old unique style.

A Bizen yaki kiln

Sennengama, meaning "thousand-year kiln", is the name of a family-run Bizen yaki kiln in Okayama. Established in 1983, it is now curated by the daughter of the founder, Hitoe Katakami (née Hitoe Fukushima).

The kiln produces pottery made using exclusively Bizen clay, obtained from a specific type of soil only available in a geographic area once called Bizen, located in the Okayama prefecture.
Their lineup of products includes traditional pottery, such as flower vases and sake cups and vessels, and expands to contemporary international goods, such as champagne coolers and plates for Western dining.

Unique soil

A family-run kiln