Details, use & additional images

Designed and made in Japan.
This set does not include the sake flask (tokuri).

Product description
A set of wonderful, golden-looking guinomi stainless steel cups designed for hot sake, with hand-painted Japanese motifs, widely used to express the simple beauty of nature, such as bamboo leaves and sakura flowers. Decorations and lacquer were applied by hand.
This set includes 2 pieces. The standard set includes a red and a black cup. Decorations may not be interchanged.
In case of no expressed preferences, the standard set will be shipped.

Instructions for use
Although designed for hot sake (atsukan), this type of cup is also frequently used for cold sake (reishu) as well.
In many cases, red is a feminine color to be adopted by women, and black or blue is to be used by men. Please note that this is a rule of thumb and is not necessarily always followed.