Details, use & additional images

Designed and made in Kyoto (Japan).

Product description
Hand-made sake flask (tokuri), featuring signature pattern of red dots and gold-color paint. Designed and made by Kyoto-based potter and artist Naoto Suzuki (Kyoto), 4th generation potter of Kyo-yaki.
A subtle Japanese feel, with a unique universal twist of fine artisanship.

The item comes in an especially designed, Kyoto-made wooden box, called kiribako.

This items is part of a line by the potter, called Kindami Enshō, which includes a sake cup, small plates, and a square luncheon plate. Check the full set on the potter's collection page or contact us if you would like to have an estimate to purchase the full set.

Instructions for use
Pour your favorite sake in the flask and heat it up in hot water to make hot sake (see our article about Japanese sake to know more), or serve at room temperature.
Serve directly from the flask into your favorite cup and enjoy.
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