KiGinKin: The System & Policies


In February 2022, KiGinKin has transformed into a platform dedicated to bulk orders, with interior designers, architects and importers in mind.
However, depending on the manufacturer some products are still available for single purchases. If you are particularly interested in a specific product, please contact us and we will check that for you.

All prices shown on KiGinKin are retail prices, and our visitors are invited to contact us for an estimate based on specific requests.

We will gradually update the information on this page. We apologize for any inconveniences you might experience due to the change.


This page provides all the information needed to understand what to expect when you purchase an item from KiGinKin.

  1. The System: What Happens After You Order?
  2. The Offer: What Kind of Products Will You Find on KiGinKin?
  3. The Features: What Information Will You Find on Product Pages?
  4. The Shipping Process: The Schedule, Duty and Laws of Shipping
  5. Payments, Order Cancellations, Return Policy
If you have any questions about these and other topics, please hang around a bit or contact us with any specific questions. We'll be happy to assist you before you place an order.

1. The System: What Happens After You Order?

“KiGinKin will provide the best products, selected with the utmost care from our part, while receiving the necessary cooperation from manufacturers and ensuring the smoothest user experience possible.”

These being our main guidelines, we have created a system that allows us to bring to you outstanding goods. Uncompromisingly.

Here is the short explanation:
1) We will present a product for a limited time (shown as “For sale until” on the product page), and take orders from you.
2) At the end of this period, we will place the orders with our suppliers.
3) Our suppliers will then start crafting the goods within the manufacturing time shown on the product page ("Manufacturing time”)
. 4) As soon as the goods are ready, they will be shipped to you.

If you would like to know more in detail, please read further and find out about orders, services and shipping. (Tap on the image for mobile view.)

2. The Offer: What Kind of Products Will You Find on KiGinKin?

Our suppliers
Purchasing a one-of-a-kind piece of craft directly from an artisan gives you that unique feeling of having discovered a treasure. Buying something online can never be the same, but KiGinKin is what gets as close to it as possible, by being your treasure hunter in Japan. We only approach artisans and craftsmen that create charming objects with a story to tell, and propose to feature them on our platform. In some cases we will stumble upon objects made by artisans so reserved, they will reluctantly hear us out; nevertheless, most times we will gain access to their goods. We have gained the trust of many artisans, craftsmen, manufacturers and boutiques, and obtained their acceptance to crafting objects that we order, even when they are officially not for sale anymore.

This is why, sometimes, you will find items that will take two, or even three months to manufacture: some of them were created only once, and we were lucky enough to discover them. Somehow, it's as though they don't exist anymore outside of the heart of the artisan, but they agreed to manufacturing them again for KiGinKin. KiGinKin also features items that are literally unique: either the artisan is not considering further manufacture or they retired, and what you find on KiGinKin is the last piece existing. In this case, shipping will be immediate, and you are the very last lucky person receiving it.

The drawback of this system is that, in some extreme-but-rare cases, you might wait up to 4 months before you receive your order. On the other hand, you will gain access to goods that are nearly impossible to get in any other way, unless you dedicate weeks, months, or years hunting the perfect objects like we do - and then convince their creators to make one only for you, like we do.

So, if you're looking for your next anniversary present or that item you always dreamed of, KiGInKin is the right place for you.

Here is a simple explanation of what kind of items you will find on KiGinKin. Click the tabs to view.

Currently manufactured and available with regular stock

KiGinKin stock: 10 or more
Manufacturing Time: 1–30 days
Shipping: 1–30 days after selling period

Currently manufactured in very limited quantities, usually by a sole artisan

KiGinKin stock: Up to 10
Manufacturing Time: 20–60 days
Shipping: After manufacture

Out of stock and production; the manufacturer agreed on making a few pieces for KiGinKin

KiGinKin stock: 1–30
Manufacturing Time: 20–60 days
Shipping: After manufacture

On catalogue, made upon order

KiGinKin stock: 1–5
Manufacturing Time: 30–90 days
Shipping: After manufacture

Mostly unavailable, usually last piece existing

KiGinKin stock: 1
Manufacturing Time: 0 days
Shipping: Immediate, after order is confirmed.

3. The Features: What Information Will You Find on Product Pages?

What will it actually look like?

What's this dot that you can see in the picture?

What kind of maintenance does it require?

I don't even know how to use it properly!

We know your concern about ordering from the other side of the planet.

That is why we have created a few solutions for you as well.

High-definition pictures

All items featured on KiGinKin are presented through pictures in a high resolution: you can zoom in to check any details you like.

Knowledge Base

This is the quickest, easiest solutions to all your doubts. In our exclusive Knowledge Base, we show you how an item is made, the manufacturing techniques and materials, and more. This way, you can imagine its actual looks and texture, and know if that is what you're looking for.

Below the product's main images and information, you will find boxes that provide the extra touch. They will give you access to additional information and services, so that you may deepen your knowledge about the item and make the right choice.
Simply click on any of the boxes to expand them and ensure a better purchase on KiGinKin.

Details, Use & Additional Images
Each product page is clean and simple, making it easy for you to find information on how to keep the item at its best. This section and the following ”Care & Notes” contain detailed information on the product, also providing directions on its use and more pictures.

Some items may be customized to meet your request. As you know, this is thanks to the nature of crafts: as long as there is a person taking care of all aspects of the creation of an object, there are good chances an item can be adapted to your taste. So, when you find an "almost perfect" item in KiGinKin, make sure you contact us. Many of our suppliers are very curious people, open to new ideas and challenges. Besides, asking is free, so... bring it on!

FAQ & Reviews
Every time we receive a question, we will add it to a product's FAQ. And when you have a very detailed question, we will ask the manufacturer directly and get back to you, so you may rest assured you have the information you require before you place your order.

Meet the manufacturers
Some questions are so specific, you are the only one who can answer. That is why, in most cases, you may book video meetings with the manufacturer or their representative, and an interpreter. In these meetings, you will have a chance to ask questions and, if there is even only one piece left of that item, you may also see it.
To find out more, check if the item you are looking at has the "book a meeting" section available. If it does, you may just get your questions ready!
Note: There is an extra 5,000¥ charge for 30-minute meetings; you will then receive a 2,000¥ discount to use on the purchase of that item.

4. The Shipping Process: The Schedule, Duty and Laws of Shipping

KiGinKin does not produce nor import goods. This allows our shipments to be treated as personal shippings. In other words, a package we ship is treated the same way as a package from an individual: scrupolously, but with little fuzz. In many cases, it will also be simply ignored, and it will reach you without any extra costs or questions.

KiGinKin only ships insured and trackable packages.
Shipping costs and shipping time will depend on weight, size, and destination country.

All duty expenses are to borne by the buyer. Checking with your local administrations is highly recommended.
Please keep in mind that it is not possible to estimate the duty expenses you may face when purchasing from Japan. Here’s an example of why.

Let's say you buy a bicycle. The bicycle can be handled in three or more ways at customs.
1) It could be considered as what it is, a bicycle. This, in many countries, does not incur in duty expenses.
2) It may be seen as separate bicycle parts (pedals, handle, wheels and so on). This may fall under different customs regulations and imply different duty rates, depending on the country.
3) In not-so-rare cases, it could even be considered a toy. In this case, not only specific duty rates are applied, but different regulations may also be present.
We are not mentioning the possibility that it is handled as a decoration object, as that would make this example way too broad, as materials may be inspected more severely.

In case you are wondering, it all depends on the person in charge at the time your package goes through customs, and there is no way for us to give any estimate in this regard.

Now, the good news.
Many countries have simple, systematic regulations that are applied to daily use objects like most of the ones you will find on KiGinKin.
Also, there are good chances your item won't even be inspected during busy periods such as Christmas, and it will reach you at no additional costs.

For your reference, in the United States at the time of writing (May 2020) packages of up to 800 USD in value (excluding shipping costs) won't incur in duty expenses. If you receive an item that cost you 790 USD and had a shipping cost of 200 USD, it will usually fall into the "safety zone".
In the European Union, however, that limit is lowered to 150 EUR, and that includes shipping costs. If you purchase a 100 EUR item with a 50 EUR shipping cost, you have already reached that limit and you are more likely to be asked to pay customs duty.

We strongly recommend extreme care to local laws and regulations in your country. Here are some news we are aware of, which caused us to avoid sales for some categories until further notice.
- A girl was put on trial for ordering a knife with a blade of more than 4 cm long from overseas. This is why we do not feature Japanese knives, although they are in high demand.
- A man was questioned for ordering an object that included tortoise shell. We make sure none of the products presented on KiGinKin contain any materials derived from protected species.
- A man was arrested for ordering items that included more than 1,500 EU worth of gold without proper declaration or documentation. This is why we are very careful about gold and precious stones, and you most likely won't find them as the main materials used.
Obviously enough, in these and many other cases, these individuals were also refused access to the goods they had purchased.

We don't want that to happen to you, so we select our goods very carefully. However, we are humanly unable to be aware of import laws for all countries in the world at any given time, so we invite you to check rules and regulations before purchasing goods that will be shipped from Japan.

Luckily, laws and regulations in Japan are usually as strict as many other countries, making it easy for you to retrieve information and certifications on what items you may receive from Japan.

5. Payments, order cancellation, return policy

Payments are due as you place the order.

Order cancellation
In many cases, you will have time to cancel your order if you change your mind within the selling period, and receive a refund. This is usually the case when the shipping process is set to start after the selling period.
Some other times, though, we will place the order with the supplier immediately after receiving it, to speed up the process and ship the item to you as quickly as possible.
To request the cancellation of your order, please send an email to using "Order Cancel Request" as the subject line, and we will immediately check whether your order can still be cancelled.
When a cancellation is successful, the refund you receive may be total or partial depending on the costs in which we will incur to manage your order and cancellation. If the payment method you chose requires fees to be handled, those fees will be subtracted from the refund. KiGinKin will not request handling fees for any reason and no questions asked, so to limit your loss.

Return policy
Due to the complex nature of international shipping, our suppliers rarely accept returned items. (Mistakes in the shipping or in the listing are excluded.) If you change your mind after you receive an item, returning conditions may be discussed. However, as we cannot cover for shipping the item back to Japan, we highly recommend keeping in mind that the process may take time and cause expenses that would outweigh the benefits of returning the item.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.