Nōgaku (nō)

Performing art

Nōgaku (能楽, also known as , 能, and sometimes transliterated as "noh") is a Japanese traditional performing art. It is also called " theater" due to its nature of being a live performance, which it has in common with what is usually considered theater in Western cultures. However, when comparing the Western and Japanese forms of theater, the difference in appearance and contents is easily recognized.

is one of the three major forms of Japanese performing arts, along with kabuki(歌舞伎) and bunraku (文楽).

On March 27th, 2020, the world of lost one of its most prominent figures: Master, actor, and mask craftsman Udaka Michishige passed away, and a piece of history left with him. He is survived by the invaluable International Noh Institute and a strong legacy. His name is kept very much alive by his sons Udaka Tatsushige (curator of a YouTube channel dedicated to ) and Udaka Norishige —both actors and instructors— and his daughter Udaka Keiko—mask carver and instructor.

Here is a short documentary about , in the words of Master Udaka Michishige.