Nishijin ori fashion accessories


More than neckties

Elegance, quality, tradition and design: all of this and more, since 1940.

Nekado is a Kyoto-based manufacturer specializing in design and manufacture of high-quality neckties and fashion accessories. Founded in 1940, Nekado takes pride in their pure-silk neckties, and in the use of Japanese traditional weaving techniques for the creation of their original designs.

As all of KiGinKin’s suppliers, Nekado has put the principle of “monozukuri” (handcrafting) at the center of its philosophy. None of the company operations are run without this concept in mind, from design to manufacturing. Since its foundation, each single product has its design carefully planned, thanks to the founder’s deep knowledge of materials, weaving techniques and trends.
Working strictly with Nishijin ori artisans, Nekado has developed a peculiar style that differentiates from other similar companies manufacturing neckties using the same techniques. This is obtained thanks to the fact that patterns and designs are created with the final product in mind, instead of applying existing designs to their products.

What makes us different from any other manufacturer, possibly in the whole country, is that we create unique designs especially for the size, shape and use of neckties, and the same goes for materials and weaving techniques”, explains the president. “We make our choices from the strict range of possibilities offered by the Nishijin ori technique, creating characteristic products that you don’t see elsewhere.

The care and passion translate in careful decisions depending on the specific product design:
- all fabrics used are made in pure silk
- the color used for each product is picked with consideration not only of its tones and depth, but also on its reflecting properties, to create a mesmerizing effect when worn
- compared to the average, Nekado artisans weave the fabric using an amount of thread that is two to three times the average, and sometimes more. This results in a more stiff and durable product.

Changing with times, loyal to traditions