Details, use & additional images

Designed and made in Kyoto (Japan).

Product description
Set of beautiful hand-made plates in perfectly white clay, each featuring the painting of a crescent moon on the edge, designed by Kyoto-based artist SHOWKO.
Use your table as a frame to these hand-made plates. A very Japanese feel, without the easily-recognized features of traditional Japanese pottery.
The set consists of 2 luncheon/salad plates (⌀ 18cm, ab. 7 in) and 2 bread plates (⌀ 15 cm, ab. 6 in).

Instructions for use
On a Japanese table, the 18 cm plate is very likely to be used as a serving plate (called "torizara" or "kozara" - see our article about Japanese tableware), while the 15 plate would often be considered a dessert plate, or a separate torizara for smaller portions.
On a Western table, the 18 cm dish is likely to be considered as a salad plate or a slightly small luncheon plate, while the 15 cm plates might be suited for bread and butter, or for dessert.