Details, use & additional images

Designed and made in Kyoto (Japan).

Product description
Set of 2 beautiful hand-painted cups in perfectly white clay, each featuring the painting of a full moon, designed by Kyoto-based artist SHOWKO.
The full moon is visible in its entirety when the two cups are together, as only half of it is painted on each cup for a romantic touch. Or not, we're not here to rule on how to enjoy your tableware.
A very Japanese feel, without the easily-recognized features of traditional Japanese pottery.
In the image below, you may see the tiny white decorative dots, and the shiny looks of the paint.
The cups will come in their Sione-branded box.

This set looks great with Sione's Moon plates set. A good chance to take advantage of the discount we offer whenever you purchase two or more products on KiGinKin. Please read further here.

Instructions for use
This type of cups is usually referred to as "free cup", hinting at the freedom to use them for any type of drinks or foods.
Particularly suited for Japanese tea or, as suggested by the manufacturer, smaller portions of yogurt, fruits, or coffee. Tiramisu would sure look great in there, don't you think?