Kinzoku (kazari kanagu)


Metalworks with Japanese aesthetics

The discreet beauty of daily goods, with a Japanese twist.

Kazarino (錺之) is a new brand belonging to Takeuchi, a company in the metalworking industry founded in 1968.
Takeuchi has specialized in the creation of metalworks for temples, shrines, altars, and other applications where precision, quality and beauty must be paired with highly wear-resistant materials.

The brand was created by the company's desire to give access to the traditional kazari kanagu craft to a wider public, while ensuring that the craftmanship and authenticity are preserved.
In line with this pledge, Kazarino produces objects of daily use, also using materials that age well without losing in quality.

Kazarino products are made by blending techniques that include crafting (design, carving) and the use of human-assisted machines to turn the original hand-carved matrix into products.

Traditional crafts in daily life

The artisans behind Kazarino