Kawakami Shippōdō

kawakami Shippōdō

A historical shikki ware shop

A family-run shop, formerly a manufacturer of shikki ware, founded in 1857.

From manufacturer to retailer

Kawakami Shippōdō, located in central Kyoto and a few minutes from Shijo Karasuma, was founded in 1857 as a shikki manufacturer and retailer. It specializes in all types of shikki ware for a wide range of uses: food and beverage, serving, storage and decor. The land surrounding the shop all belonged to the founder, who used it to build boutiques and workshops for the artisans that Kawakami employed directly. The family then moved on to focusing on their role as a retailer for artisans as well as larger manufacturers, eventually becoming a stable outlet where a large number of shikki ware could be presented to the public, regardless of who made it.
Their opening to goods from other manufacturers widened the scope of products they present, which includes extremely rare and precious items (such as the one-of-a-kind bowls for soup or serving chopsticks you find on KiGinKin), goods featuring gold leaf and silver leaf, along with humble-looking minimalist shikki tableware.

The historical shop, although open to the public, is more of a showroom: it lodges a number of shikki goods samples to show to visitors, as their most frequent customers are professionals who come to view and order top-notch Japanese tableware for their businesses (often restaurants).