Itome yūzen

Dyeing technique

Itome yūzen (糸目友禅) is a style of fabric dyeing that belongs to the family of yūzen techniques.

It is characterized by thin, white lines in the design of the fabric that resemble string. In fact, the word 'itome' literally means "thread."

Starch is applied to the desired areas, using squeeze tubes with very thin nozzles. The artisan will draw lines on the fabric where he or she wants to keep the area from being affected by the dyeing process, resulting in the characteristic white lines.

Application of the starch to the lines that won't be affected during the following dyeing process. Although it may look gray in the picture, it leaves no trace when removed

After the fabric is dyed and starch is removed, fine lines in the underlying color will be visible (in this case, both white and gold-color)