Ikeuchi Yūzen

ikeuchi yūzen

Hand made, for every day

Without compromises on quality or traditions, Ikeuchi Yūzen creates kimono fabric for daily-use goods.


Ikeuchi Yūzen is a yūzen dyeing workshop based in Kyoto, in the Arashiyama area. Founded in 1980, they specialize in itome-yūzen technique, a particular style through which the design is created by leaving white, uncolored patterns on the fabric.

Through their Somea brand, Ikeuchi produces goods and objects for daily use, such as wallets and bags, with yūzen-dyed fabric. This way, they make a contemporary use of the traditional dyeing technique, which was originally only used to manufacture fabric for goods of a very special nature, such as kimonos.

Using kimono fabric to create superior goods

The artisans

Masahiro Takeuchi, the founder's son, talks about the feelings behind the creation of each product in this video.