Details, use & additional images

Only one piece existing.
Designed and made in Kyoto (Japan).

Product description
This beautifully hand-made incense burner is designed to lodge the Japanese traditional incense sticks or cones. Made in Kyoto potter Hirokazu Ichikawa's outstanding style, it is carefully created layer by layer, relying on the potter's experience and creativity instead of a mold. Let's dive into this.

• The uniqueness. This item is literally one of a kind: the potter carefully created its design with the intention of making a single piece, and has agreed on making it available only on KiGinKin only. Once it is in your collection, it will always be yours and yours only.

• The shape. To create this Kiyomizu-yaki incense burner, the potter first made the several hexagons that became the layers. Note that each has a different size. He proceeded to combining them at the right angles, layer by layer, until the full shape was created. The purpose of angles and sizes? The ascending, spiraling movement that the eye follows when looking at this object. Imagine the beauty of the overall movement that can be felt when burning incense. Also, placing the lid while burning smaller sticks or cones allows for a different way to enjoy the view.

• The color. The potter's peculiar pale-blue color is obtained though the coating of each item with a unique mix of materials which, when fired, react and naturally create this tone (see image below.) Not only is the mix prepared and applied by hand following Ichikawa's unique recipe: the potter is constantly experimenting to find the perfect color he has in mind, which means that the color you see in the images looks different from any items the potter will make in the future. Additionally, the specific tonality of each single piece will depend on environmental conditions, such as temperature and its distance from the fire.

• The packaging. The burner comes in an especially-designed hand-made wooden box, called kiribako.

kiginkin fired pale blue procelain glaze
Instructions for use
Pour the scented ash (one bag included in the order) in the burner, up to 50-70% of its capacity. Place your favorite incense stick or cone within. Applying the lid creates a different feel, while also making the smoke expand in different ways. Experiment and find out what works best for your space!

One final note: if your only experience with incense is in a church or a temple, please keep in mind that the types of incense used at home have a wide range of completely different scents: woods, plants, flowers, but also leaves, fruits, and even coffee and tea. To each their own! If you would like to try one or more types of Japanese incense, please contact us and we will prepare a special selection based on your requirements.