Details, use & additional images

Designed and made in Kyoto (Japan).

Product description
Enjoy hot sake served from a unique-looking flask (called tokuri), and sipped from an equally beautiful sake cup.
The set includes 1 flask and 1 cup, all made in fine porcelain by potter Hirokazu Ichikawa.
The peculiar pale-blue color is obtained though the coating of each item with a special mix of materials which, when fired, react and naturally create this color (see image below.) Not only is the mix prepared and applied by hand following Ichikawa's unique recipe: the potter is constantly experimenting to find the perfect tonality he has in mind, which means that an item made this year will look different from one made next year. Additionally, the specific tonality of each single piece will depend on environmental conditions, such as temperature and its distance from the fire.
As a result, each piece is as unique as it can get.

A very Japanese feel, without the easily-recognized features of traditional Japanese pottery.
The cup and the flask come in separate especially designed wooden boxes, called kiribako.

kiginkin ichikawa hirokazu pottery fired blue pale glaze

Instructions for use
Pour your favorite sake in the flask and heat it up in hot water to make hot sake (see our article about Japanese sake to know more), or serve at room temperature.
Serve directly from the flask into the cups and enjoy.