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Designed and made in Kyoto (Japan).

Product description
Enjoy sake from a unique-looking sake cup (called o-choko), made in potter Hirokazu Ichikawa's outstanding style.
With several factors making this item unique, it's hard to know where to begin. Let's give it a try.

- The shape: This cup is made using hand-made casts that allow the manufacturing of only few pieces each, making this an extremely rare piece of Kiyomizu-yaki. Thanks to this crafting technique, the cup has a thin rim, which is an unusual feature in sake cups and guarantees a neater feel when sipping.
- The color: The peculiar pale-blue color is obtained though the coating of each item with a unique mix of materials which, when fired, react and naturally create this color (see image below.) Not only is the mix prepared and applied by hand following Ichikawa's unique recipe: the potter is constantly experimenting to find the perfect tonality he has in mind, which means that an item made this year will look different from one made in the future. Additionally, the specific tonality of each single piece will depend on environmental conditions, such as the temperature inside the kiln and the distance of each piece from the fire.
- The packaging: The cup comes in an especially-designed hand-made wooden box, called kiribako.

As a result, each piece is as unique as it can get.

kiginkin fired pale blue procelain glaze

Instructions for use
The tradition suggests that you use this top-notch sake cup for your favorite sake at your favorite temperature. However, as the potter Hirokazu Ichikawa himself says, "I'd be curious to hear if non-Japanese people use it in other ways. I'm open to new ways to enjoy my pottery."