Details, use & additional images

Designed and made in Kyoto (Japan).

Product description
Enjoy sake from a unique-looking sake cup (called ochoko), hand made and hand painted in potter Hirokazu Ichikawa's unique style.
The cup is made using hand-made casts that allow the manufacturing of only few pieces each, making this an extremely rare piece of Kiyomizu-yaki. Thanks to this crafting technique, the cup has a thin rim, which is an unusual feature in sake cups and guarantees a "cleaner" feel when drinking.
The cup comes in an especially designed wooden box, called kiribako.

Instructions for use
The tradition suggests that you use this top-notch cup for your favorite sake at your favorite temperature. However, as the potter Hirokazu Ichikawa himself says, "I'd be curious to hear if non-Japanese people use it in other ways. I'm open to new ways to enjoy my pottery."