Details, use & additional images

Only one piece existing.
Designed and made in Kyoto (Japan).

Product description
A fine expression of the art of Kyoto-based potter Hirokazu Ichikawa.
The artisan, usually manufacturing pieces of pottery in very limited quantities, also creates unique pieces of art. Some are in line with his commercial products, such as the incense burner featured on KiGinKin. In other cases, he will create pieces that do not resemble any of his other works; this flower vase falls into the latter category.
Showing the potter's artistic sense and expertise in creating the shapes he envisions, this piece of art is entirely made by hand with the use of a hand-operated wheel. It is then carved, fired, and finally painted to result in an item that can be used as a flower vase, as well as an artistic object for display.

Instructions for use
This item is designed and manufactured to function as both a flower vase, or as an object for interior design. Since it is also intended for actual use, it is perfectly safe to use it to contain water and lodge bunches of flowers. However, as the potter Hirokazu Ichikawa himself says, "I'd be curious to hear if non-Japanese people use it in other ways. I'm open to new ways to enjoy my pottery."