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FAQ for the Incense Burner - Fully Hand Made, Exclusively on KiGinKin

Please note that these questions were made for a similar item, and they are applicable to this incense burner. Please contact us to submit further questions.

A: Can I use other types of incense in this burner, like Indian wood?
Yes. The shape is designed for the incense sticks commonly found in Japan, but as long as you have a way to lit up and place another type of incense, it is safe to do so. We recommend filling the vessel with enough scented ash (one bag included in the order) for the purpose.

A: Can I make other uses of it?
Q: Yes. This item is made in the same way and with the same materials as other items by the potter, such as the sake flask. It is safe to use with food. Please refer to the "Details" and "Care & Notes" of food-related items for maintenance and care.