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Designed and made in Japan.

Product description
Leather bag with locker, hand-made on order.
The front panel is made using hand-picked horse hair: only hair that is perfectly white is selected piece by piece, and pieces with the most slightly different tones are discarded. The selected pieces of hair are then dyed in the main color (red in the pictures, customizable) for the front panel. The selection and dyeing of horse hair is a slow process,fully done by hand, and no more than 2 meters of fabric are made each day. Each bag is made using over 500 pieces of horse hair.
The leather is hand-dyed in bright colors (red in the pictures, customizable), hand-sawn with extreme care to details by a local leather craftsman under the direction of producer Erihide.
It features a main internal compartment, 2 internal pockets (1 slip pocket, 1 with zipper) and an external slip pocket.
It comes with a locker and 2 spare keys tied to a removable leather lace and tag.

Instructions for use
No specific customs are related to this product.