Details, use & additional images

Made in Kyoto (Japan).
This set does not require additional items to be used.

Product description
Possibly one of the most recognizable Japanese elements that one could find on a shelf, these panels are sure to drastically change the atmosphere of your room, creating a small bubble of Japan wherever they are placed.
High-definition-print folding screens reproducing the world-known paintings of Fujin and Raijin, a National Treasure of Japan made by Tawaraya Sōtatsu, now lodged in the Kenninji temple in Kyoto.
They are miniatures of the original painting, respecting its proportions and colors in all details.
These panels are designed to stand without further suspensions. They may be placed on libraries or on any piece of furniture, used as discreet partitions or as beautiful decorations.
The set comes in its original box.

Instructions for use
Full-size folding screens (called "byōbu") usually measure 170 to 200 cm in height and are typically used to separate spaces in a room. Miniatures are often placed as decorations on pieces of furniture such as low libraries, shelves or pantries. The optional frames (sold separately) make them suitable as pictures to hang on walls.