Care & Notes

Wipe with a moisturized cloth and let dry naturally in a ventilated area.
Do not bleach.
Do not immerse the cushion in water.
Wax for wood and other wood-specific products may be used on the chair.

• This is not a regular chair. Please make sure you view the measurements before purchase.
• The two products included (chair and cushion) are fully handmade by craftsmen. Minor differences occur between pieces.
• Do not rest your back at full weight on the backrest.

• This chair may be enjoyed in several ways, and the cushion alone may be used in the traditional Japanese sitting posture called "seiza". It is designed to be comfortable also while sitting with your legs crossed or stretched out to the front.
• The dark-grey cushion is not available at the time of listing. As stock changes every day, please contact us to know whether it is available today.
• This product may not be returned. Please read our return policy to know more.