Details, use & additional images

Designed and made in Japan.

Product description
A unique type of chair to support your moments of silence and relax with a touch of extra elegance.
Inspired by zen culture, this floor chair features a small backrest, just enough to make your seat more comfortable without allowing incorrect posture.
Using the sashimono joinering technique, no nails or screws are used to manufacture the chair.
The cushion is made with silk threads and washi paper yarn interwoven so to obtain 15 square shapes that, combined, result in the spherical cushion.
All threads are dyed and woven with the final design in mind; this approach is called kasuri ori in Japanese.

Instructions for use
Despite being made by craftsmen using traditional techniques, this chair with cushion is not a traditional object. Instead, it can be easily recognized as a modern way to bring together two common items that are usually separate, a floor chair and a type of cushion similar to that used in zazen (zen meditation).
Although there is no designated use for this product, this type of chair is a perfect match for a low table or a kotatsu (the heated low table), or for some relaxing time over tatami mats.