Coromo by Hideco Sugai

Fashion design

coromo by hideo sugai

Crossover fashion

Where Western fashion and Japanese traditional clothing meet

Kyoto-based fashion brand Coromo was created by designer Hideco Sugai, and their flagship store in central Kyoto opened in 2016.

Coromo's design is characterized by its fusion of Western and Japanese styles, which mirrors founder Sugai's influences. Notably, the concept of "crossover" that lies behind all the brand's products, merges Japanese traditional crafts such as yūzen dyeing and nishijin-ori, with a style that can be comfortably worn by a Western audience.
Among the brand's fashion goods, the arabesque-patterned jacket is likely to be the most notorious, with its peculiar nishijin-ori collar.
The signature pattern of dotted or checquered denim with kimono paintings, which also appears on fashion goods, is another pillar in the collection.

Hideco Sugai has been collaborating with a number of major companies, including Adidas and Hotel Granvia.

Crossover fashion

Hideco Sugai

coromo's flagship store in kyoto lodges several unique pieces