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Designed and made in Kyoto (Japan).
Exclusive on KiGinKin.

Product description
Fully hand-made ceramic pendant covered in pure silver leaf, with leather cord (customizable). Designed and made by Kyoto-based potter and artist Naoto Suzuki, 4th generation potter of Kyo-yaki.

Silver leaf made in Kyoto (銀箔, ginpaku) is applied by hand to the clay before firing, guaranteeing a high resistance to wear and changes in color. The fully hand-run process results in a unique design for each single piece.
The type of silver leaf is what was supposedly going to be used to decorate the Silver Pavilion in Kyoto, the Ginkaku-ji. It is the silver counterpart to what is used on the Golden Pavilion, the Kinkaku-ji, also in Kyoto.

The piece you see in the images is a sample made by the potter. You will receive a custom-made necklace. Any imperfections on the cord or the metal parts will not be present on the piece you will receive. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns on the looks of the images.
Also, please note that this item is made on order and may be customized: size of the pendant, as well as size and materials of the cord and the clasp, may be changed upon request. Contact us to start creating together a pendant made according to your unique desires.

Instructions for use
No specific customs are related to this product.