Care & Notes

• Remove the leather cord before cleaning.
• Clean periodically with a soft cloth dampened with warm water, then wipe with a dry cloth.
• For stains, or when when it’s visibly dirty or gathering a patina, clean it using warm soap water and a soft cloth. Rinse it with clean water. Wipe with a dry soft cloth. If the stains cannot be removed this way, also try with alcohol instead of soap water.

• This pendant is made in ceramic and covered with pure metal leaf. It is fairly shock-resistant but not scratch-proof. Strong hits may damage or break it.
• Do not clean with bleach, chlorine, cleaning products containing acids or abrasive.
• Gold or silver leaf, like the metals themselves, are relatively soft. Do not clean the pendant using tissue paper, as it may cause scratches.
• Avoid letting any part of the product come in contact with oils of any kind, unless specifically made for cleaning that material (gold, silver, or leather), and limit contact with water.
• Remove before bathing and before accessing a pool or spa.

• The item you see in the images is a sample made by the potter. You will receive a custom-made necklace. Any imperfections on the cord or the metal parts will not be present on the piece you will receive. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns on the looks of the images.
Also, please note that this item is made on order and may be customized: size of the pendant, as well as size and materials of the cord and the clasp, may be changed upon request. Contact us to start creating together a pendant made according to your unique desires.
• This product may not be returned. Items that you receive damaged will be reimbursed. Please read our return policy to know more.
• The kiribako box is traditionally made with very thin wood, and it is only intended for protection during shipping and storing. We will take the utmost care when placing the kiribako inside the shipping box; however, due to the delicate nature of a kiribako, it may crack before it reaches you. Please be aware that this is not considered a defect, and it won't result in a refund as long as the item itself is undamaged.