Details, use & additional images

Designed and made in Japan.
The product includes the main lampshade and the wooden lamp stand. Due to legal shipping limitations, the electric unit you see in the images (cord, plug and socket) is not included. The light bulb will be included upon request, at no additional cost.

Product description
Create an enchanting atmosphere anywhere.
This magical lampshade, made from a single bamboo stem (the 'trunk'), is a humbly beautiful interior design object during the day, and turns into the source of mesmerizing rays of light when lit in the dark. The incredible design on the front side comes to life when the lamp is on, revealing a fascinating pattern with a strong three-dimensional feel.
Simply place it wherever you need a break from your busy days, to immediately jump into a world of beauty and simplicity.

The artisan also creates a number of different lampshades with stunning patterns. Please check examples below, and feel free to contact us is you would like to order a design you see here or any custom design you desire.

Instructions for use
• Place a simple cordless lamp (max 55x55 mm or 2.1" in diameter) onto the wooden lamp stand included, to turn it into a new magical object.
If you would like to use this lampshade without the lamp stand, the maximum size of the lamp is 110x100mm (4.3x3.9 in).
• LED lamps are highly recommended due to the low heat emitted.
• No specific customs are related to this product: it is to be enjoyed where, when and how you prefer.

KiGinKin - T Bambus Lampshade Details KiGinKin - T Bambus Lampshade Washi KiGinKin - T Bambus Lampshade Details Top KiGinKin - T Bambus Lampshade Details Lamp Stand Side KiGinKin - T Bambus Lampshade Details Lamp Stand

And here are some examples of the artisan's incredible style.

KiGinKin - T Bambus Lampshades KiGinKin - T Bambus Lampshades KiGinKin - T Bambus Lampshades KiGinKin - T Bambus Lampshades