Details, use & additional images

Designed and made in Kyoto (Japan).
This product does not come with the additional equipment required to hold a tea ceremony. Please contact us if you would like to receive a full set.

Product description
Who said that matcha bowls must look rough and tough? Definitely not artist and potter SHOWKO.
The artist comes from a family of potters specializing in earthenware made for the tea ceremony, learning the craft of forming and firing clay, and uses it to express herself artistically.
One-of-a-kind piece of art, fully hand made. Despite the delicate, artistic looks, this product is an authentic tea ceremony bowl, crafted for use. No need to keep it in a glass case!

Instructions for use
• This bowl may be used for the tea ceremony, or it may be displayed as an art object. In a Japanese home, it would be used in either way.
• Additional equipment for the tea ceremony may be included in the shipping on demand. Please contact us to get an estimate based on your requirements.