About free shipping


From July 23, 2021 we needed to abandon our free-shipping policy due to significant raises in international shipping fees. Until then, you could still see the "Free" option when checking out, so if you have visited KiGinKin before you might be confused not to see it anymore.


Dear friend,

You know when the waiter brings you the bill and, below all items, you see a 30% service fee? You feel like calling on the waiter, the manager, or the owner if possible, to ask if the trick is legal.

We know.

Since its inception, we had made it our mission to avoid bad surprises at checkout, and decided to offer free shipping on all items, no matter the item price.
We know very well how frustrating it is to be about to place your order, just to see shocking shipping fees, sometimes as high as the item itself.
We know that, sometimes, you feel like you've been played into thinking that an item has a reasonable price, and when it comes to paying, you are informed that, actually, your credit card will be charged double that price - and for what?

Yea, shipping fees.

We told to ourselves that nobody should feel that sudden frustration, and leveraged our agreements with major carriers to be able to offer free shipping.

We were so proud of our decision.

Until recently.

Due to sudden changes that took place in 2021 following Covid-19, all our agreements with carriers went down the drain. Transportation costs went flying high, and the only thing carriers could do to survive was to raise their prices. They simply could not afford the agreements we had anymore.

After considering a number of solutions, we found ourselves having to take a sad decision: to abandon our beloved free shipping policy. Now, all prices shown on KiGinKin DO NOT include shipping fees, since July 23, 2021. Each zone on the globe will have its own shipping fees. In the worst cases, we'll even have to exclude some zones from shipping; not because we don't want to serve those areas, but because the shipping fees are so high, we really don't want our precious visitors to feel cheated on, when we ask them to allow a 100$ payment for an item that costs 50.

Now, just to give you an idea of what shipping costs you might face, here are a few examples for some of our most popular items when shipping to the US or Europe. Shipping rates within Asia are significantly lower.
(Updated July 23, 2021. For rough math: 1,000¥ = 9.1$  / 7.7€ as of today.)


Sake Set for One - Fully Hand Made
Price: ¥27,500. Shipping fees: ¥2,920 to the US, ¥2,950 to most of Europe.

Wooden Diffuser Set
Price: ¥16,500. Shipping fees: ¥3,440 to the US, ¥3,450 to most of Europe.

Set of 3 Towels Dyed in Real Matcha
Price: ¥12,650. Shipping fees: ¥3,700 to the US and most of Europe.

Clutch Bag in Japanese Paper Thread
Price: ¥19,880. Shipping Fees: ¥2,920 to the US, ¥2,950 to most of Europe.


We really didn't want to do this, but we were left with no choice. We are so sorry if the change upsets you, and we will always be looking for new ways to cut shipping costs.

But as in every box of bad news, there is always room for some good sides.

We do not want you to be the one making all sacrifices to enrich your life with unique pieces of beauty from Japan.

We reviewed our whole model, looking for ways to cut costs and keep prices as low as possible. We had to sacrifice something, so we went through each step of KiGinKin's supply chain.

What could we cut on?

Services? No.

Products? Hmmmm no.

Quality? Come on!

In the end, we found a solution in what we could actually sacrifice. We decided to cut on our own profit.

This results in final prices for you that are usually the same as what you might have paid a few months ago; in some of the worst cases you might end up paying a bit more than that, but we are doing our math so that the difference in the total won't be as large as the sudden rise in shipping fees.
This requested that we quit some of the most discerning suppliers, for which we are very sorry - but we will try to find substitutes that we are sure you find equally amazing.

Just to be with you in this.


Whatever changes we might be going through, we have our priority set straight. You may rest assured that a brand new cool office in central Kyoto is never going to be more relevant to us, than the trust you have in us when placing an order on KiGinKin.

We work with the top, and that is the only thing we are working to offer you.

We hope that the higher shipping fees won't discourage you from checking out KiGinKin next time you feel like buying that Japanese lampshade, bowl, folding screen or piece of interior art. But if you are, please feel free to drop a line to see if there's any way we can find an amazing product just for you.

Hope to see you soon!


–the KiGinKin team