committed to quality

The name of KiGinKin is the combination of three words: "ki" (木, wood), "gin" (銀, silver) and "kin" (金, metal, or gold). These three materials perfectly symbolize our principles of simplicity, beauty and luxury. It is also a reference to the Japanese phrase "mokka dokonsui" (木火土金水, meaning "wood, fire, soil, metal, water") used to express the natural origins of traditional crafts.

We are a high-end online shopping platform specializing in top-quality goods made in Japan, focusing on traditional crafts and their cultural relevance. We are particularly interested in those artisans who create modern goods using traditional techniques, and with a special taste that can be appreciated by an international audience.

We at KiGinKin work closely with our suppliers and consultants, to ensure that each product we present on our platform meets the two fundamental requirements of authenticity and quality, the very foundation of KiGinKin.
Yes, because in order to be featured on KiGinKin, all items must be:
     1) designed and/or made in Japan
     2) hand-made or made using human-assisted machines
     3) of superior quality.

But our commitment doesn't end here: we will be working to expand our exclusive Knowledge Base for you to make sure that what you're looking at is exactly what you're looking for. Take your time to learn about an item before you purchase, and feel free to come back whenever you have a doubt: our Knowledge Base, unlike the products themselves, will be there forever.


KiGinKin's guarantee of authenticity

Japanese metalworks kinzoku on KiGinKin - Japanese artisan hammering copper

"We're not going to sell stuff we don't understand. We need to ask key questions to manufacturers, retailers, experts, and the Emperor if necessary!”


When "good" is not enough

​"If it's Japanese and it's amazing, it must be on KiGinKin."


You've got questions? ​We've got your back!

You don't want to buy a beautiful vase for your mother, and years later be told that it's a funerary urn, do you?

This won't happen with us. KiGinKin features a Knowledge Base and a YouTube channel with information on suppliers, their products, related Japanese customs and anything you need to know to make a flawless purchase.

Our knowledge base will show you where a product comes from, how it was made, if it was made the traditional way or in a revolutionary way–and we'll go as far as to telling you how it is used in Japan. (Then, the freedom to use a lacquered jūbako as an exotic jewel box is all yours.)

​Not enough? We offer full email support to our suppliers, so if you need information that is not published, we'll have you covered.

​Not enough? If you wish to discuss details with the manufacturer or the retailer in person, you may also book a meeting with them, and we will provide an interpreter.

Not enough? Come on, don't be too harsh on us...

​"Imagine the power of a marketplace pairing up with the wealth of information of an encyclopedia. And now, stop imagining: KiGinKin is here."